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My biography, statement and artistic curriculum: a comprehensive list of previous exhibitions and events, including publications, press articles and other media.

 Louis-Bernard St-Jean
By making abstraction of any defined form, I to focus instead on the general impact conveyed by the piece as a whole... Using impressionistic elements of the thematic as emotional triggers that will appeal to the observer’s experiences and desire to escape.

About Me...


Louis-Bernard St-Jean was born in 1979, Montreal QC, in a family of art collectors and painters dating back several generations. Raised among the works of contemporary masters, Louis-Bernard fits with relevance in the continuation of Quebec’s postmodern heritage.

His career as a painter began in 2013, when after a remarkable ascension, he devoted himself entirely to his professional practice in early 2015.

Louis-Bernard St-Jean is a member of the RAAV (Regroupement des Artistes en Arts Visuels du Québec) and CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation). His works are presented in many private and public collections around the world (Canada, US, France and Germany.)

Awards & Distinctions

Louis-Bernard St-Jean received the People's Choice Award for the piece Rhapsody in Blue at the annual "Brush Off!" 2015 Juried Painting Competition; his artwork Taïga was selected for the regional finals of the 2016 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series.

In March 2018, Devenir Immortel—St-Jean's first artwork on paper unveiled publicly ahead of Papier 18 Art Fair—had the hammer price soaring high to nearly three times its appraisal value during ArtSida8’s Main Auction.


Artist Statement

These sculptural oil paintings reminiscent of the splendours of nature and architecture are made by incorporating organic patterns through heavy texture to create bold impressionistic compositions that possess a distinctive depth, structure and movement.

Painting Technique

Using a unique sculptural technique, I shape the texture by carving and tearing thick layers of pure oil paint with a palette knife in a controlled gesture to gradually build the relief up to an inch high, giving it a peculiar tactile quality.

This allows me to combine different perspectives of a same theme into one merged composition that will change its aspect with the light’s intensity and the observer’s viewing angles, while the linear texture generates a lenticular screen effect that increases the piece’s brightness and glow. This accentuated sensorial and perceptual experience creates a mesmerizing effect that appeals to all senses, pulling the viewer further into the artwork.


Artistic Curriculum Vitæ


Academic Formation
Since 2010  

Art Galleries

Art Galleries
2018– Cutler Crane Gallery Memphis TN
2016– Petroff Gallery Toronto ON
2015– Galerie Avenue Art Montreal QC
Previous representations
2016–2018 Galerie Youn Montreal QC
2015–2016 Galerie Z Montreal QC


2017 Musical Abstractions Montreal QC
2017 Artist Feature Toronto TO
2016 Live at Petroff Toronto TO
2016 Linéaires Montreal QC
2014 Mouvements Montreal QC
2018 Glorious and Free Toronto ON
2018 Artsida8 // Vernissage Montreal QC
2018 The Love of Art Westmount QC
2017 Miniature Exhibition Toronto ON
2017 Flora Montreal QC
2017 Westmount Square Pop-Up Westmount QC
2017 Brush Off Competition Montreal QC
2017 Exposition d'anniversaire 5/5/5 Montreal QC
2017 Abstraction Sauvage Montreal QC
2017 Miniature Exhibition Toronto ON
2017 Noir et Blanc Montreal QC
2017 New Works Montreal QC
2016 Pop-Up « Petit Format » Montreal QC
2016 A Very "YOUNg" Christmas Montreal QC
2016 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Montreal QC
2016 Expo Popup Art Cible Montreal QC
2015 BAZAARTS Montreal QC
2015 Photos & œuvres urbaines Montreal QC
2015 5th "Brush Off" Competition Montreal QC
2015 'Spring Fling' Art in Bloom Montreal QC
2014 4th "Brush Off" Competition Montreal QC
2014 SPECTRUM by RAW Artists Montreal QC
Contemporary Art Fairs
2016 The Artist Project Art Fair Toronto ON
Booth 132 - (10’ x 15’)
2015 The Artist Project Art Fair Toronto ON
Booth 907 - (10’ x 10’)
2015 YES Art Expo 2015 Montreal QC
Art fair by YES Montreal

Awards & Distinctions

2015 People's Choice Award 5th "Brush Off!" Juried Competition Montreal QC
For 'Rhapsody in Blue', with a resounding majority of votes
2018 Finalist Artupfest Prize | Project Pitch Montreal QC
For the project 'A Sound Abstraction', a collaborative exhibition with Stereo_IMG
2017 Finalist 6th "Brush Off!" Juried Competition Westmount QC
For the artwork 'Et la Lumière fut'
2016 Regional Finalist Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Montreal QC
For the artwork 'Taïga'
2014 Finalist 4th "Brush Off!" Juried Competition Montreal QC
For the artworks 'Or Noir' and 'L'oiseau de feu'
2014 Finalist Le parcours de l'artiste Montreal QC
Honorable Mention — "For his professionalism and determination."

Artistic Events

Artistic Events
2018 Memphis TN
Artworks presented as example for the workshop 'How to work with International galleries and creating your own distinctive brand' by Marina Cutler.
2016 Projet A144 Montreal QC
2016 Business Skills for Creative Souls Montreal QC
  Conference by YES Montreal: on-stage presentation as invited visual artist"
2014 Creative Connections 2014 Montreal QC
  On-stage presentation as invited visual artist
Live Painting
2017 Toronto TO
Made on Sunday, April 9th during the Artist Feature exhibition
2016 Toronto TO
Made on Sunday, June 26th during the Live at Petroff exhibition


Artworks Sold at Auction
2018 Artsida 8 // Main Auction Montreal QC
  The work on paper 'Devenir Immortel' has reached a bid price of more than two and a half times its initial valuation value at the Artsida8 auction.

Bibliography, Media & Press

Printed Publications
2018 Papier 2018 Art Fair Official Guide Montreal QC
Despite the impromptu withdrawal of my works from the fair by the gallery, the painting 'Cruising With You' was nevertheless reproduced in the guide on page 77.
2017 Tout miser sur la peinture Montreal QC
Full colour page feature article, published june 8th, page 14
2017 Tout miser sur la peinture Quebec QC
Full page feature article, published june 8th, page 16
2016 Montreal Emerging Artist Trio Ready to Wow Toronto Montreal QC
Article published on January 26th
Interviews and Media
2018 The Brush Off Project Vermont VT
A mini-series of four episodes following the daily life of Montreal artists, to be broadcast in the summer of 2018 on Mountain Lake PBS. Directed by Chris Wynn with Avenue Art.
2017 Art Without Labels by BBDO & Bombay Sapphire New York NY
Artwork 'Sandbanks' featured as contemporary work of art for artwithoutlabels.gallery.
2017 Exposition collective "New Works" Montreal QC
A video of the 'New Works' group exhibition at Galerie Youn, on display from January 14 to March 11. Directed by Claudel Désir.
2016 Le Téléjournal de 18h | Volet Culture Ontario ON
Interview broadcast on Thursday, February 18, 2016 during the 'Téléjournal de 18h' for the Artist Project Opening. View the interview on Radio-Canada (starting at de 19m:11s)
2016 Global TV Morning News: Montreal's Emerging Artists Montreal QC
Live interview broadcasted on Monday, February 15, 2016 ahead of my participation in the Artist Project.View the interview on Global TV
2016 The Friday Morning After: After the fair recap Montreal QC
Second live radio interview, broadcast on Friday, February 26th.
2016 The Friday Morning After: Week ahead of the fair Montreal QC
First live radio interview, broadcast on Friday, February 12th.


2017 Tune In To YES 11 Montreal QC
Tune In To YES 10 Montreal QC
2016 Papier 16 Montreal QC
2014 Gala des Arts Visuels '14 Montreal QC
2014 Tune In To YES 8 Montreal QC
2013– YES Montreal Montreal QC
2014 CJE Montréal Centre-Ville Montreal QC
2013–2015 CJE Plateau Mont-Royal Montreal QC
Associations and Membership
2016– Canadian Artists Representation (CARFAC) Toronto ON
2016– English-Language Arts Network (ELAN) Montreal QC
2014– Regroupement des Artistes en Arts Visuels (RAAV) Montreal QC


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