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Taking part in the Artist Showcase Presentations at the 2016 Artists' Conference

I am pleased to announce that I will be among 10 emerging artists who will be giving artist showcase presentations in the 2016 edition of the Business Skills for Creative Souls Artists' Conference! 

Hosted by YES Montreal, the conference will offer an in-depth look at how artists can develop their marketing skills, see what it takes to build a network of relevant industry connections, and discover the best techniques to gain access to arts funding.

Artists from all over Quebec are invited on March 14 to take part in a full-day event where they will learn the essential business skills needed to build a sustainable and profitable career in the arts.

This year’s conference will feature an impressive line-up of speakers and panellists including: Andy Nulman, co-founder of Just for Laughs, CBC personality Sonali Karnick and more. Showcase presentations will also give participants the opportunity to discover 10 emerging local artists, including myself.

The conference will take place Monday, March 14 at the Rialto Hall in Montreal. For more information and to register, go to: