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Artist Project 2016: A Great Success!

It has now been a month since the Artist Project 2016 Contemporary Art Fair...  Overall?  Great sales, lots of media coverage, a new gallery representation, many stories to tell and quite a few surprises! 

This has been altogether an amazing experience, one could say "Adventure of a lifetime" if we dare quote the Coldplay's latest song bearing the name — we kept hearing it every so often during those weeks, it quickly became the recurring theme of sorts! Definitely inspiration material for a new painting...! 

Paintings found new homes, including Cenote, Medium Rare and La Mer... I had the chance to meet, greet and exchange with many interesting people... And I definitely got noticed, receiving lots of compliments for my works and my booth, including a huge amount of media coverage, with features and interviews from Global TV, CBC/Radio-Canada, CKUT 90.3FM (bis) and the Suburban Newspaper.

And so, I would like to give a special thanks to Claire Taylor and her team at Informa Canada for making this fair a great success year after year; not mentioning the great pleasure of collaborating with and exhibiting alongside fellow artists Denise Buisman Pilger and Jono Doiron.

Most importantly, I would also like to thank my dear girlfriend Annie for her unfaltering support in this adventure; none of this would have happened without her.

Thanks again everyone!