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Over and Over

'Over and Over' - Original oil painting by Louis-Bernard St-Jean
'Over and Over' - Original oil painting by Louis-Bernard St-Jean

Over and Over


Louis-Bernard St-Jean
Walnut oil on canvas
22" x 28" x 1"  (56 x 71 x 2.5 cm)

Original artwork signed by the artist.

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About the artwork

Titled 'Over and Over', this painting takes its name from a song of the British band Hot Chip, which was heard during their visit to the Music & Arts Festival Osheaga 2015.

Through attending their performance, I realized how the electronic rhythm and lyrics of that specific song represented particularly well the electrified atmosphere, with the incessant whirl of people in highly stylized colourful apparels hopping from scene to scene, massed in crowds before each one; the balloons, shark(!) and other inflatable toys bouncing to the rhythm of the music over the cheering crowd; the heat and repeated waves of relaxing grass fumes filling the atmosphere of its many virtues…

The idea of using arcs for the composition, as a concept of representing sound waves, and a colourful summer palette as an attempt to summarize on canvas this insane musical day worthy of the legendary Woodstock and other festivals of its kind.