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Déferlante (Breaking Wave)

Déferlante  (Breaking Wave)
Déferlante  (Breaking Wave)
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Déferlante (Breaking Wave)


Louis-Bernard St-Jean
Linseed and Walnut oil on canvas
48" x 60" x 2.75"  (122 x 152 x 7 cm)

Original artwork signed by the hand of the artist.

This work was inspired by the oceans, by the breaking waves that take shape in all their might and height, ready to hit the ships and attempt to bring them to the bottom of a too rough sea that keeps on rocking as a pledge of its power and strength.

As we look at this artwork, we feel all of a sudden losing balance in anticipation of a transverse wave, initiated by the numerous curves reproducing the movement of the sea where all the blue, ultramarine, turquoise and white accents each account the many facets of the ocean. 

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